Thursday, October 29, 2020


No, I didn't need another shirt but upon seeing this Zara checked number in a charity shop I felt it would get good use. I suppose checked shirts go best with jeans or walking trousers, neither of which I wear all that often but also make for good layering and an alternative to a jumper in the warmer months.
Tank tops haven't featured much over the past couple of winters but often they are hidden under a jumper or coat, so I do pop them on quite often. 

Not that helpful but Kezzie did request a close up on my boots. I polished them at the start of the season and must remember to do so frequently, else they won't last as well as they should. Polishing footwear is such a bother, does anyone else do this voluntarily any more? With more plastic shoes than leather ones sold, I suppose not but a leather upper is always going to demand some care and attention to keep it healthy.
I didn't realise the extent of the impact the huge front pockets of the shirt would make to how my top sits. Massive pockety shapes to my whole front, oops. Won't make that mistake again.

Take care,

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