Up my sleeve

Wednesday, October 14, 2020


Dresses with sleeves are one of my favourite things to wear. I dithered about this dress when I bought it. My memory fails me whether it was ebay or charity shopped but I'm thinking it must have been online as I barely went out in spring or summer. I have been in a few charity shops over the last couple of months but it's a dreadfully gloomy affair these days; having to do a tally up before entering and trying not to touch anything or get near huffing other people. Not much fun. Back to this dress. It's a heavy stretchy material and over all I'd say it's too roomy but has to be to not unflatter me so I guess it'll have to do. While I don't especially like dark blues and navies on myself, it's a patterned fabric which does show u better in these pictures than I expected. 

Probably the last bare legged trip out for a long while. Boo, back to thermal tights again which pose so much more a risk of being damaged by thorns than just skin. 

I want to plough into autumn on the energy that summer brought but it's easier said than done. Everything changes when the light fades and the cruel wind blows again.
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