The day at the beach

Tuesday, October 27, 2020


The last day of summer was savoured by us with a decadent day out to the beach. We had nipped away for a few nights earlier in the season when weather was fair but not especially hot. When the forecast announced a whole day of wall to wall sunshine, featuring no breeze and a high of 30 degrees for a Tuesday we knew it would be our final opportunity to enjoy the heat. So we headed off to the beach nice and early in the day for a time of lazing on the sand and not much else. Having failed to get into my current read, I'd brought along another book which offered a more instant immersion and fast pace. 
Despite my worries that the world and his dog would descend by mid morning I was baffled when we were largely alone. Hardly anyone else made use of the last hurrah of summer, which is their loss and our gain. 

You can see in the last shot the early morning mist that took it's time to burn off. No filter on any of the pictures (all three of them), it was a fantastic day. We made sure to queue for fish and chips nice and sharp, which were absolutely delicious, then favoured plopping back onto the sand once more. 
It was a heavenly day of warmth, rest and calm, which really made us think that we are on the go so much of the time that this is a total rarity for us. Normal weekends are spent out, or cooking or wandering but never just stationary, resting. It was a tonic and both agreed that it was a perfect day well spent. 

I got a funny tan line to my front and shoulders which will last for months until my skin pales off again now which made me laugh a lot. At least it wasn't half of my face, it could be worse!

This was one of our highlights of the year, such a brilliant day. I finished my book in two days straight. Time well spent indeed.

Take care,

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