From a day of sunshine and showers

Friday, October 30, 2020


The last week of October already? Where has another month gone? It's been a bit of a dreary month with so much rain, grey skies and mud. Here's a few snaps from a day of sunshine and showers. 

I hope that people aren't stupid enough to encourage trick or treating this year. Any mixing more than necessary is reckless and I don't want the usual smashed pumpkins around the village as the selfish older kids decide to put pay to decorations. Stay home! Oh and let's hope the fireworks are contained to just the 5th, so many animals are terrified of them. Lincoln is a nervous wreck when they start going off and sadly not much we do actually settles him back down.  

I hope you manage to get outdoors this weekend. Our forecast is a bit rubbish (again) but at least we still have our freedom in Norfolk, I know so many people don't. The leaves will be lost all too soon so I want to get out there to enjoy the colour while it lasts.

Take care,

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  1. I love photos like this. You can be in any generation era and it would be exactly the same.

  2. We heard fireworks last night in the distance. I hate them. Organised displays are one thing but I don't think people should be able to have them at home. We used to host a firework display for some friends (one of them being particularly excited by fireworks and pleading with us to let him have a party in the fields) but the noise and disturbance of others played too much on my mind, despite doing it well out of the way of any houses, the noise carries so easily.

  3. I don't like Halloween or fireworks things so I am very bah humbug about the whole thing.
    We managed to get out and about in nature in Northumberland last week- so glad we were able to get up there and see Chris' mum, albeit not being able to stay with her- and get away from the horrible things that have been happening for CBC nearer to home- he really needed to get away.


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