Fly Agaric sightings

Monday, October 26, 2020

Ah, fly agaric, the classic fairytale toadstool. I try to photograph this species every year and although we do tend to spy a few here and there, we hardly ever find the perfect one in the perfect spot. Often they are nibbled, knocked over, decaying or look worse for wear. Sometimes they are making an attempt to rise through dense undergrowth or in a completely shaded spot. Light, as ever, is king and if they light isn't right my camera and I will have a struggle.

Here's a few recent fly agaric sightings. As always, I look but don't touch. Although these fungi are well known for their hallucinogenic properties and widespread use, I couldn't be less interested in touching any gross fungus. Nothing on earth would persuade me that something fungal ought to be ingested.  

Have you spotted the famous spotted toadstools out yet?

Take care,

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