Ivy buzz

Thursday, October 15, 2020

The wildflowers of summer are a thing of the past. Occasionally I spot a hint of colour in the grass and discover a sheltered bloom but the vest majority have long since gone to seed and given up on life. I suppose butterflies and dragonflies have taken shelter for the winter. Having very little understanding of such creatures I used to assume they just died off when the cold weather arrived but seeing as our climate has departed from it's previous rather dependable cycle, I imagine that things are no longer so clear cut. I'll have to read up more about butterflies. Since reading 'The Behaviour of Moths' by Poppy Adams a couple of years ago I've found these creatures so much more interesting than before. (Hence my enthusiasm for the Hummingbird Hawk-Moth on Monday). 
I digress. So, precious little in the way of flowers at this time of year? Well, think again. Ivy is in full bloom at the moment, although virtually invisible to anyone who isn't interested. The yellow-green pincushion globe flowers hardly stand out as obvious to the human eye. However, close your eyes and just listen; they are teaming with insects. The hum is loud and clear with the sound of hundreds of insects beating their wings. A veritable feast of nectar on offer from the masses of ivy blooms which adorn hedges, trees, fences and up the side of houses. 

Look closely and you can spy on all the activity going on.

Have you noticed the ivy lately?

Take care,

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