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Friday, October 23, 2020

Faced with a whole day of rain it can put a real downer on things. Still, there is plenty to be getting on with indoors (and soon we won't have a choice with light levels dwindling). My constant suspicion of the people who love to welcome Autumn with open arms and shout about how much they love it is that they don't have to spend that long out in it. I can report that hours on end in the drizzle, rain and wind especially squelching around in the mud is a real drag which I would trade any day of the week for summer's hot sun. It's not all 20 minutes in a fluffy jacket sipping a pumpkin spiced latte  and kicking some rainbow of dry fallen leaves. *rant not nearly over, but paused for the time being in the interest of continuity*.

Above, I found this thorn apple plant growing. It's weird, with these conker like spiky balls and white trumpet shaped flowers like bindweed. The seeds are deadly poisonous so I doubt it's welcome anywhere. 
Below, is this one of the edible leaved plants I saw somewhere earlier this year, is it amaranth? It had red fluffy catkin type flowers. It's just a guess.

It's come to something when you start taking an interest in yarrow.

Light beam.

Some colour in the hedge. Contrary to many beautiful autumnal photographs, much of the landscape is now just a dull green.
Wild clematis below, or old man's beard. 

We would love to find a good source of sweet chestnuts but so far, nothing reliable. You do need a reasonable size nut otherwise they shrivel to nothing when cooked. I'm convinced someone elderly told me they don't cook their sweet chestnuts - which took me aback as I am pretty sure they are poisonous or inedible raw. Don't try that at home. 
Many berries are poisonous including holly and below the viburnum opulous berries.

Also poisonous black bryony berries and yellowing heart shaped leaves.
If you are able to get out at the weekend then do try to get a walk in somewhere. The changing landscape is worth seeing. 

Take care,

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