Friday, October 09, 2020


There's been a lot of thinking going on this year. I expected 2020 to be an epic year; a milestone. A 'year to remember' and boy has it been that, but for all the wrong reasons. I've fared far better than to be anticipated, most of the time my lifestyle has not been impacted much at all. It has highlighted exactly how verging on isolated it had become. The trips to the pub have been off, meals out scrubbed, weekly group exercise off the menu and of course avoiding people, wearing mask, hand sanitising at every opportunity are a given. But really, the lockdown when I couldn't go out all the time for walking and more wandering were the most restrictive. Not meeting up with others? Probably wouldn't have anyway. I'm not one for much company. I consider myself lucky that my lifestyle has only had to be reshaped slightly to cope with a pandemic. Of course virtually everyone else has a more social life with work, family and friends so I can see that this must be a thoroughly rotten time for those who are leading a lonely existence for the time being, I'm sorry that things must be really difficult for you.  

We've been wandering as much as possible on a weekly basis. Weekends have been pretty awful weather recently but we've gone out when we could but there hasn't been much to show in photographs. Low light and dank undergrowth. There are hundreds of shots from the last few months as yet unsorted and plenty I want to cover. Usually I'd make a list of things I want to do over Autumn but frankly just getting through it unscathed, ideally with the safety of people I care about intact would be enough of an ask. I'll just keep my head down and buckle up.
Outfit from a September day which called for jumpering but still retained enough residual mildness for bare legs. I did get scratched up, nettle stung and tickled with unexpected long grass but whatever, I made it through. Both skirt and jumper were charity shop buys. This jumper is such a favourite, I have to try not to wear it every day. 

I don't want to disappear like this again, I have missed writing terribly. No excuses, I just didn't post. 

Take care,

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