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Monday, January 13, 2014

fresh salad

I’ve been taking part in Fiona’s health and fitness challenge this month. The first week's challenge was to eat three healthy vegetarian main meals. By the time I read about this my weekly mealplan had already been made and booked for delivery so I wasn't about to make any changes but I knew that two healthy fish dishes were part of the week's meals. This one was actually horrible in fact, however I usually make it with trout which is delicious but using cod was a mistake as it stayed wet and fishy. All part of the learning curve. Super healthy and nutricious nevertheless.

fresh codcod en papillotte

Fiona also challenged us to has been to exercise three times. Check! Two bootcamp workouts (one of which was so badass, I'm so sore and it's getting worse) and one workout with Carly Rowena before my YouTube broke. After three busy but workout-less weeks it felt quite a struggle getting myself back into the swing of regular exercise but I made it.

flat stomach

Can you tell what it is yet? Abs looking far better than I deserve, but I think it was good timing....and light...and angle.

The hard work starts now

pile of books

Fresh off my Blogging Good Read guesting with Alex I've decided to make more of an effort to get through the books that I've been meaning to read for some time. I'm halfway through The Buried Circle by Jenni Mills (which I started last year in holiday and have read about 10 pages since) and I'm determined to finish so I can move on to another, smaller novel. If you want to know what I thought of these three books then head on over. My choice was The Colour by Rose Tremain.

books to read

It's not Christmas, not new year just back to everyday. Time to get busy doing something useful.


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  1. I have SO many books to read, I really need to catch up with my reading!

    Maria xxx

  2. Great way to start the new year... not the only one having cod for tea tonight!

  3. I have such a back log of books I need to read! x

  4. My OH and I are doing a quorn challenge at the mo- swapping meat for quorn in at least 2 meals this week. I made quorn bolognese at the weekend and was a little disheartened, it wasn't as good as usual. But I shall persevere- as you say it's all about the learning curve! Tonight is quorn stir fry.
    I also have a mountain of books to read- I've managed 2 out of 11 so far this year, but I ordered more books off Amazon so I will have another 15 books on the list by next week!


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