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Friday, January 03, 2014

Whenever we start a new year I tend to re-assess my diet, lifestyle and eating habits, I know it's a bit of a cliché but I suppose it's better that than not at all. When Holland and Barrett offered to send me a Good Life parcel of goodies I jumped at the chance, I really need to adopt some better habits. Recently, Holland and Barrett have undertaken a good life survey which compares attitudes of people in their 20-30's now with people in that age bracket back in the 70's to see what similarities and differences can be drawn. It was really interesting to read through. Rather sad to see that body confidence has decreased fourfold, with a puny 2.5% of 20-30 year olds happy with their body shape.
On with the goodies! I’m planning to finish up the wheatgrass powder and the  flaxseed, cocoa and berries powder, it's easy to sneak them in to shakes, porridge and the like. Speaking of porridge, I have to make this my way to start each day instead of my previous less appropriate choices *cough* frosties or toast *cough*. A Nakd bar for tenses should then fill me up 'til lunch, I really want to try some of the other flavours now.

The tea tree body wash is lovely and refreshing, I do like to feel 'brought back to life' of a morning, especially this time of year when it’s pitch black outside. The green tea has been started (you can't beat Clipper for a good quality everyday tea), I guzzle a fair amount, one or two cups a day but only on a full stomach. (I learned the hard way.)
I wont be popping any of the pills or using the maxitone shake powder, so in the interest of being a nice blogger if any of you want it (just pay me for postage) then give me a shout.
Biscuits long gone.  That just leaves the face cream. I have a frightening poor relationship with my skin so maybe this year will be the year I get myself into a good skincare routine, more to come on this soon. Have you made any healthy discoveries I should know about?
Thanks to Holland and Barrett for sending me such a lovely parcel, all opinions my own

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  1. I could do with some of this to kick start me! xo

  2. What a lovely parcel! I really want to try wheatgrass powder although I'm a bit scared of how it will taste...x

  3. What a fabulously healthy parcel to start 2014 with.

    X x

  4. I love Naked bars, I'm currently munching on one right now! :)

    Danniella x |

  5. Such a useful package to receive. I have to admit though, each of the items terrify me and remind me of just how much weight I gained last year!

    Katie <3

  6. I wish I had your commitment to healthy living Sophie!
    2.5% is a rather depressing statistic though, our bodies are amazing things when you think about all the things they can do.
    Can you really stomach porridge everyday? Won't you get bored? Does Ready Brek count? I like Ready Brek (says the 7 yr old in me) ;)
    I tried some of the Nakd bars last year and they're all quite nice, my favourites are the Rhubarb and Custard and the Pecan Pie.

  7. Thats such a great package x

  8. ooh nice parcel to kickstart the year. 2.5%?! i can see why though, so many images of perfection presented to us. I like fruit and yogurt in the morning as I can't face food super early. Overnight oats are another favourite of mine too.

  9. Nice post! I love this kind of products. Healthy food habits are essential.

    Jasmine xx For a Real Woman


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