Green fingers, green scarf

Thursday, January 30, 2014

January seems to have flown by for me, so much so that I had in fact forgotten to blow up the balloons and celebrate three years of blogging. In one sense I can't imagine how I've written 884 posts and yet in another it feels like I've been blogging my whole life. Sometimes I wonder where my life would be had I never started this blog. With a degree of certainty I would say I'd probably be a stone heavier, still eating loads of ready meals and insisting that watching telly in the evenings constitutes a hobby. Only a couple of positives would have come from not blogging - I doubt my wardrobe would be so jam packed (and the spending n that front minimal) and I'm pretty sure I would have carried on with the gardening in the warmer months. Hours used to be spent outside planting, weeding, pruning and the odd bit of admiring in the days before the blogging bug took hold and I have to say that is one of the compromises I've made.

This year I'm determined to get back a bit of that joy and ensure that I spend enough time outside to keep my green fingers a pleasing shade. I do so enjoy looking out of the window to see a lovely tidy outlook with some jolly pretty flowers adding a splash of colour to all the greenery. The last few years have been ok but nothing more and I want to be excited about our little patch again.

  long green scarf

long green scarf

I took these pictures an eternity ago and shelved them pending thinking of something interesting to say. As that never happened I've resorted to fishing them out regardless for a waffle about the great  soutdoors. I picked up this lovely lace top not so long ago and had visions of wearing it simply but what I overlooked was the fact it is completely see through so I'm going to have to think again. My new-ish boots still haven't been broken in just yet, they almost seem too nice to wear out the house which is a ridiculous notion as they were a second hand steal as they were. My super long scarf doesn't get anywhere near enough wear at the moment but seemed just the right accessory to wear with my simple outfit.

Have you made any sacrifices for blogging?


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