How to wear a blouse

Saturday, January 11, 2014

how to wear a blouseHow do you wear a blouse? Any way you darn well fancy. I heard someone pipe up on Twitter recently that they didn’t now how to wear one and while this baffled me, I think of some items I just wouldn’t know how to wear and so I guess if you’ve never really tried a style of item before it kind of puts you off balance when coming up with an outfit.

My definition of a blouse is it being floppier than a shirt (which I regard as crisp). I tend to wear oversized blouses, which started because when you find something you like in a charity shop it's take it or leave it, but now I like the roominess of a size or two up. If you're in need of a bit of inspiration for how to wear your blouse then here is a montage of mine.

Blouse and a skirt: maxi, midi or mini

blouse and maxi skirt outfitblouse and midi skirt outfitblouse and mini skirt outfit

Blouse with shorts: hanging out or tucked in

blouse and shortsblouse and shorts outfit

Blouse with jeans or trousers: hanging out or tucked in

blouse and jeansblouse and trousers

Blouse under a tank top

blouse under tankblouse under tankblouse under tank

Blouse under a short sleeved or pinafore dress


A blouse under a jumper

blouse under jumperblouse under jumperblouse under jumper

Blouse under a coat or leather jacket


Blouse under a velvet or tweed jacket

blouse with velvet jacketblouse with tweed jacket

My personal favourite blouse worn  three ways

17.3.12dcute blousemy favourite blouseblouse and shorts

How do you wear yours?

Joules blouse


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  1. I've never been able to master the blouse under a tank or jumper look, but I do like a good blouse, normally I team with jeans but I have been experimenting more. I tired a half tuck with a maxi skirt in the summer and loved it, more recently a half tuck with a mini - loved that too! waistcoat next :O)

  2. I think I may have tried most of them to be honest. I love your looks

    X x

  3. Great styling, Sophie!

    Meghan xo

  4. I wear them most days for work tucked into a pencil skirt and belted up for heels. Original, I know!

    Katie <3

  5. I hate the button gaping so I wear mine under a jumper or dress with the collar poking out.

  6. You look lovely in all of these, I prefer blouses to t shirts, they are much more structured which I like :)

    Maria xxx


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