The almost tapestry skirt

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

blue jumper


tapestry skirt

Skirt, belt and jumper - charity shops, blouse - eBay, boots - Sarenza, necklace - New Look, tights - Primark

tapestry skirt print

I don't have much time at the moment and frustratingly I haven't made any positive changes in order to get the good nights sleep I've been promising myself. The candle is being burned at both ends which is never clever but conversely I don't feel as dreadful as I should, in fact I feel fine. What with a gazillion photos to edit and around 8 started posts with none even vaguely close to being finished I am at risk of not blogging for days on end so I thought I'd just spend a couple of minutes on this one to at least make myself feel a bit like I've made some tangible progress. This almost tapestry skirt is one found on the great charity shop haul spree with Hazel back in the autumn and has only just got it's first wear (sh eknows how much I bought that has not made it to the blog yet, eeek). This is a midi length and shape I don't generally wear so it makes a fun change as well as sporting an interesting colour and design.


The amount of times I've had tucked-in-knitwear envy is high, but finally I feel like I pulled it off here. Hurrah! My hunt for a good leather belt is ongoing but I was lucky enough to find this gorgeous vintage leather one which seems unworn for £1 locally. Luck was on my side.


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