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Friday, January 17, 2014

heritage tartan look

Blouse and skirt - charity shops, boots - eBay, bracelets, knitted tank and necklace - gifts, tights - Primark.

knitted tanktartan trend

Good friends are hard to find. I am so lucky to have both "met" and actually met some wonderful friends through blogging and Twitter. It came out of the blue really, when I started blogging it was all rather anonymous. I naturally assumed it would stay that way and yet over the months and years I've grown very attached to people I regularly communicate with and really got to know. This Christmas I was very lucky to be given some thoughtful presents with this knitted Hobbs tank being sent to me by Alice, when I opened the pretty packaging I was so excited to find such a perfectly 'me' item! This is something I will truly get much use out of and will treasure for years to come.

I've definitely found my Autumn/Winter signature style and hopefully it's one I can happily stick to for the coming years with only a few additions now I have so many pieces I can put together. Blouses are my new weakness it seems but it is so difficult to miss out on one that ticks all the boxes. This week I mulled over my shopping habits after prompting from a few different sources, questioning how much I buy, where from and how much for. Pretty much everything is from charity shops these days and mostly sub £5 an item, sometimes considerably below. I probably buy too much. In fact I definitely buy too much, my clothes wont fit in my large wardrobe and yet most of them get worn, some frequently. Parting with any is difficult and I'm often raging that I've got rid of something that I really wish was still in my possession. You can't win. On the plus side, however, my spending is all going to good causes, I'm supporting a wide variety of causes from research into chronic illnesses to supporting the elderly and animal care so even if my shopping is a little over the top, my generosity shouldn't be brought into question. Clear conscience.


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  1. Lovely! You look so cosy and warm!

    Katie <3

  2. I adore your style, you have so many lovely pieces and I love that you always mix and match - it's really inspiring because I have pieces that I only wear with specific outfits, I need to learn to experiment a little more!

    Jennie xo |

  3. I really don't think your shopping habits are over the top, particularly if you can say that you wear a majority of the things you buy. I definitely don't wear a very large percentage of what I buy, which I know is a sign I need to buy less, and consider the things I do buy more carefully.

  4. I love it Sophie. I saw it and thought of you, your style is so completely your own and I admire the way you have such a diverse wardrobe. I'm with you on the charity wagon, who needs actual high street tat? I bought the most gorgeous Monsoon top for £1 a few days back and it made me smile no end. Dear Sophie, you are by far the most amazing. Love Alice xxx

  5. I love the way you look at it! I've been keeping a record (and total - eek!) of everything I buy and it's amazing how much comes home, only to be worn once or twice and then forgotten. I get terrible guilt by having things that I don't wear but find it hard to get rid of things. It takes ages for me to 'let go' and then I struggle under the weight of it all when I take it to the charity shop!
    What a thoughtful gift, it looks fab.

  6. I felt similarly about the pressies you bought me-so well chosen and so me!!! I was wearing my tartan scarf all last week and this and am FURIOUS with myself I left it in one of the classrooms I teach in on Tuesday and had no time to hunt it down today. Really hope I find it!!!!
    That tank is AMAZING-Alice has good taste!

    I'd say 78% of stuff of mine comes from charity shops now with a bad dose of other, now and again!!! X

  7. What perfectly picked gift, Alice knows your style very well.

    I think it is easy to just pop into a local high street store to buy something exactly the same as everyone else, where as it take style to be able to spot a great charity shop item. And you hun have style.

    X x

  8. This is just perfect and totally your style!

    Maria xxx


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