The rage. Food edition.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

vintage pinafore dress

Dress – vintage via eBay, blouse - charity shop, tights - Primark, boots - Sarenza

vintage pinafore dressvintage pinafore dress

I have days where everything winds me up the wrong way and today was one of those days. The first rage started before 9am, it reignited just before eleven and the final dregs erupted at the supermarket. Irritation levels at an all time high. Whilst hiding in the soft beverage aisle I was drafting a blog post in my head (may have been muttering too) on how much I hate food, or more specifically meals. I was in full flow of rage in my head about how much it frustrates me having to figure out what the hell to eat day after day; trying to include enough white fish, oily fish, lean white meat, not too much red meat, plenty of vegetables, wholegrains without too much saturated fats or carbs. My GOODNESS it is so annoying. If you feel like eating the same flipping things day after day or same 7 meals each week then whatever, but my sanity seriously gets tested trying to plan healthy, nutritional, budget friendly and yet still interesting meals. I do the weekday meal plan shop online and then we think about what to eat at the weekend on a Saturday. Thinking about what to eat seems to do my head in and quite often I'll just grab something I either don't want or that is disgustingly unhealthy just so the episode is over at the earliest opportunity.

Cooking for two has it's ups and downs; I wouldn't count myself as a fussy eater, nor Husband but put our eating preferences together and it suddenly rules a fair few dishes out. Eating a separate meal each is not on the cards, I point black refuse to bother planning, shopping and cooking for two dishes. Eating the same things too regularly gets boring and at worst puts me off - striking it off the already limited repertoire. There will be some food posts coming soon, ironically, but I have been mixing things up a little recently and I really want to share what I've been cooking up.

Does anyone else get the food rage?


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