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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

pan fried seabass

It's tough to know what to eat in order to maintain a nutritional diet day in, day out. The term 'eat clean' is bandied around like nobody's business but what does it actually mean? Getting enough of the right things in your meals is seriously important and plays arguably the most important role of living a healthy lifestyle. Exercise alone only has a certain level of effectiveness if you eat the wrong things. When fitness trainer Greg Johnson got in touch to give me a preview of his book Clean eating for busy people I knew this was exactly what I needed. I've been trying some of his recipes and have to say it's been fun. The first dish I tried was Seabass, sweet potato chilli mash and spinach. It was good!

Seabass, sweet potato chilli mash and spinach

Next up to try was Moroccan meatballs which I would never have labelled as 'diet' food, it was so tasty and filling. The meatballs recipe was nothing like any I've made before but they really worked and I'll definitely be knocking these up again.

Morrocan meatballsMorrocan meatballs

Somehow the sauce ended up a little watery on the plate but that is easy enough to fix.


Spicy pork

spicy porkspicy pork

The final main dish I tried was the guilt free shepherds pie. Although it bore little resemblance to a traditional shepherds pie, it was a super scrummy, hearty pie and using gluten free gravy was far nicer than the normal gravy - I don't want to go back.

guilt free shepherds pieguilt free shepherds pieguilt free shepherds pie

I’ve been on the lookout for proper filling tasty breakfasts so this banana and cinnamon omelette (yes I said omelette) jumped out at me. It's become an instant favourite and I like to make it at least once a week. Deeeeelicious. Don't knock it 'til you've tried it.

fried bananabanana omlettebanana and cinnamon omlette

I'm going to be making my way through some more of the recipes, especially the breakfasts and I can't believe that such healthy meals can be so tasty and filling. Thanks for showing me the light! Greg shares all his knowledge and experience with how to nourish your body to perform at it's best within this book, it does what it says on the tin, you don't need to be a cook to be able to make these meals. Easy, simple and tasty.


Thanks to Greg Johnson for letting me test run his book Clean eating for busy people

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  1. Sophie, please come and cook for me! x

  2. Mmmmmm, I'd like that sea bass recipe!!! I'm.not convinced by the omelette but only because I'm not fond of cinnamon OR cooked bananas! X

  3. Yummy! Everything looks delicious. Right now, I'm craving for meatballs :))

    Jasmine xx For a Real Woman

  4. My hubby and I are on a big healthy kick too - eating much better at home! It really feels good not to eat takeaways or lots of fatty food. It helps that I adore fish and vegetables, it doesn't even feel like missing out to me. I save the naughty food for when I eat out!

    Caroline x
    Cocktails and Caroline

  5. I'm with Kezzie, not sure about the omelette, but the seabass recipe sounds gooood!

  6. Is the omelette a bit more like a pancake? Cos I like them but I am not a fan of omelettes!

  7. I'm attempting to eat clean just now (well for most of the time) and I have just discovered how tasty sweet potatoes are. Ive never thought on having bananas and cinnamon in an omelette but I might give it a try although eggs with bananas does sound a bit weird :)!

  8. I definitely need to try that breakfast omelette, it looks so good! x

  9. The Moroccan meatballs will definately be a bit of a winner in this house!

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done

  10. OMG those cinnamon and banana omelettes look amazing! BTW I nominated you for an award on my blog xx

  11. It is so hard to eat well between working full time and running around like a loon, love the sound of this book....and I could most definitely make my peace with banana and cinnamon omelettes! Mmmm mmm.
    M x Life Outside London

  12. Yes. This post is proof that clean eating is possible xxx

  13. I need this book! I've been trying to improve my dreadful eating habits and this sounds like just the thing. The sea bass looks lovely. I can't imagine the texture of banana and omelette though...

  14. Ooo I love this post! We have been eating clean since October now and are always looking for new ideas! The omelette looks really nice. I make scrambled banana good with cinnamon, honey and almond butter on top!


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