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Friday, January 24, 2014

billowy sleevesCastle Acre high street

We took a ride out to Castle Acre a couple of weeks ago as the light was fading. I have brilliant memories of visiting the ford here as a child and playing with a little net to see if I could catch any fish (obviously never did). My shoes and socks were left on the bank and shorts rolled up another couple of turns before I was able to step into the cool, cool water on a summer's day. Naturally it seemed a much larger place twenty years ago but the magic remains. I don't remember this bridge from back then but it ticks all the boxes to pique my interest now. Am I the only one who can't resist walking over a bridge? Perhaps I've been read the three billy goats gruff too many times!

looking over a bridgeCastle Acre tearoomsbillowing sleevesglittering watersstanding in a bridge

This dress is a vintage beauty I picked up for around £3 (I’m getting forgetful in my old age) in a local charity shop a few weeks ago. It's something I have very little idea about, for starters it's huge and billowy so perhaps it was intended as a maternity dress or bikini cover up or quite likely a nightdress. Always a slim chance it is just a dress. When I first tried it on I knew that I wanted to wear it with this vintage leather belt and these cowboy style boots for what in my head constitutes a seventies look. I think 'my' favourite 'vintage' looks are those of the sixties and seventies: floaty things, mini skirts, flares... I can't resist. My hair now needs to grown another eight inches so I can wear it swooshing around me and feel every bit a free spirited young thing.

Vintage Pool labelvintage Pool dress print

Unfortuately the light faded rather faster than I anticipated.

Castle Acre PrioryCatle Acre riverVintage Pool dressCastle Acre riverCastle Acre riverCastle Acre ford


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