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Saturday, January 18, 2014

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My skin has never been a priority. I've never had a comprehensive skincare routine and if I'm honest I'm not entirely sure what I need to use and in what order. At the start of the year it dawned on me that as I'm due to turn 29 this year it's high time I started taking better care of my face as thing are only going to go downhill. Looking in the mirror I see huge dark streaks under my eyes that are mighty unsightly, although thankfully no significant lines as yet. I used to be really negative about what I saw in the mirror but I've loosened up now, in no small way down to you guys. Moisturiser is something I used to casually pop on before foundation on the days I'd wear makeup but since I've started using BB cream that has lapsed. After a recommendation from Jennie I decided to pick up the Eraser Eye from Maybelline in an attempt to mitigate my ever more tired looking eyes. Little old me was lucky enough to win the Simple day and night creams in a giveaway, which was jolly good timing.
Micellar solution is one I have been using for a little while to take up my makeup and freshen my skin of a morning (this could be the wrong use, but it's what I've been doing!). The first one I used was the Taaj one from a beauty box, then I moved on to the No7 one, which seemed fine but pricy, after that I bought the Vichy at a similar cost and finally I found the L'Oreal one for much less! 200ml for £3.99 or something is not too bad and I can't say I've noticed any difference between o them except I'm sure the Taaj one had a slightly spicy scent and the rest have none.
A hot cloth cleanser was a recent purchase which I plan to use twice a week. I bought the Superdrug own brand one as it was fairly cheap so it's no great loss if my skin goes wild, it does sometimes react to washes and scrubs. The eye brightening cream is the same brand and I've been applying this morning and night for a couple of weeks. There seems to be no visible difference as yet and I think perhaps I'll look out for a firming eye cream instead.
The picture is rubbish so you can't even tell but the blusher is a new shade for me, Beauty UK in 'rustic peach'. My relationship with makeup is pretty poor and I feel like a clown with anything but the most natural looking setting powder and blushes. I'm hoping the peach will be a pleasing alternative from my usual colour.
Ironically, the very morning I had a wobble over my aging face the Tesco delivery driver asked me, upon me opening the door, if my Mum or Dad were home. First time that's happened and I had to laugh. Good timing. I guess things aren't as bad as I first thought.
Do you have any advice for me? Or leave me links to any of your posts if you've written any that are particularly appropriate.

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