A day at Wells–Next-The-Sea

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

wells next the seaThe Crown Wells Next The Sea

On Saturday our whole family headed to the coastal town of Wells-Next-The-Sea for a pre-Mother's day meal at The Crown, somewhere we have all been to several times before.

Unfortunately, as my blog is still something I've not mentioned to my family, photographs had to be taken covertly but I'm pleased I was able to snap a few even if none of them were the food.

the crown orangery wells next the seaThe Crown orangery wells next the sea

I do love a good meal out and savour the opportunity to try something I've never sampled before on the menu; the pigeon salad starter cooed out to me (chortles) which ticked off pigeon and black pudding from my imaginary list of things to try. The dish was delicious and was a great size – not too small with plenty to whet my whistle. Both pigeon and black pudding are very tasty, I'm pleased to report. I asked for my pigeon well done as the very idea of a bloody meat salad frightens me but in future I might actually go with the recommendation (whatever that may be). Chris had some tempura tiger prawns and chilli dip which he said was mighty fine.

The Crown menu wells next the seaset table

Most of us went for the beef brisket main with horseradish mash, butternut squash puree and green beans which turned out to be one of the most fantastic things I have ever eaten. The meat was so tender and flavoursome, the mash smooth and tasty, beans had a lovely light crunch left and the gravy liquor was little short of heavenly. It was well up there on the top 5 dishes ever eaten. If I'd not been in such a civilised setting a bit of plate licking would have been in order. It's almost rude not to finish off a meal out with a dessert so I nabbed the last special of the strawberry meringue parfait with pistachio. Although it was very pleasant it has to be one of the very few occasions where the dessert was my third favourite of the three courses, such a rarity and testament to the rest of the dishes.

specials board

Naturally I indulged in a large glass of red wine to make the meal go with a swing then snuck off to the cloakroom for a selfie. Such a cliché.

Sophie in hte sticks selfie

The Green, Buttyards

To make the most of the day Chris and I took a walk through the town to the harbour then along to the beach not before changing my six inch glitter boots for something a little more practical. Those boots beg to worn at every opportunity at the moment.

The Green, Buttyardswells next the sea

As per, the breeze along the front was not insignificant but sporting my leather jacket I thought I'd be fine (nope, was a bit too cold and felt a bit windswept for a while as it turns out). My view was predominantly obstructed by my hair blowing in front of my eyes.


Plenty of people were walking to and fro from the beach with not so many actually making it on to the sand. I love how open the beach is, it's how I imagine the surface on the moon to be, give or take a few beach huts. The sand is flat to start with then dunes seem to rise up with grassy tufts. When the tide comes in it rushes in so fast it's frightening and must catch out plenty of people each year, especially those who venture across to the big dunes; you have to be so careful.



All in all it was a winner of a day really.


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