Four easy homemade almond snack treats

Friday, April 04, 2014

garlic and herb roasted almond nuts snacks

Four tasty snacks to make using almonds!

Snacking is inevitable, right? I'm on a mission to find some healthy, enjoyable snacks to eat instead of going for something naughty like chocolate or crisps. Having a handful of nuts is a really good way to fill a gap and get some extra nutrients into yourself as part of a balanced diet.

You should know that I am a former nut-hater, reformed and ready to face all things kernel with positivity. The thought of eating raw nuts on their own still makes me pull a face so I thought I'd share some ideas of how to make nuts tasty for nut-haters. My tactic for eating things I don't much enjoy is to drown them out with flavours I do like, these are my winning combinations.
 garlic and herb roasted almonds maple syrup and cinnamon spiced almonds nuts

Garlic and herb roast almonds

These were my favourite, scrummy and savoury
Pop a tablespoon of olive oil, two crushed cloves of garlic, a pinch of parsley, oregano and marjoram into a bowl, mix then add a handful of skin on raw almonds and toss. They'll only need 4 to 8 minutes at 200 degrees so keep an eye on them then allow to cool.

Maple syrup and cinnamon almonds

Sweet with a lovely scent
A teaspoon of olive oil, a tablespoon of maple syrup, half a teaspoon of cinnamon and a handful of skin on raw almonds; toss. 4 – 6 minutes at 200 degrees. Watch out for the molten syrup for a while!

Spicy almonds

A tablespoon of olive oil, a pinch of cumin, pinch of mild chilli pepper, a large pinch of paprika and a handful of raw skin on almonds; toss. Cook for 4-6 minutes but keep an eye on them.

homemade almond snacks

There are endless combinations of raw nut mixes you can make but I plumped for roughly chopped almonds with chopped vanilla prunes and honey apricots; the sweet dried fruit balances out the savoury nuts.

Diamond Breeze Almonds and almond milk

Blue Diamond Almonds sent me some of their range and challenged me to find ways to include them as part of a healthy balanced diet. I had a nibble on each of the nuts; the raw almonds lend themselves best to cooking and surprisingly the oven roasted almonds with sea salt are actually quite pleasant to eat on their own. The shell on almonds are fun to eat on their own as well, anyone for a but of nut shelling?

Recipes for using the almond milk is coming very soon, keep your eyes peeled!

This post was brought to you by me in collaboration with Blue Diamond Almonds. All opinions and recipes are my own.


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  1. Thanks, these sound great, would never think of adding flavours and re-roasting, doh! Fancy the garlic and herb, yum! I love almonds, and the milk too - hope you enjoy it! I love the unsweetened one, and hate the sweet one - who wants sweet milk? Look forward to seeing what you do!

  2. The garlic and herb almonds sound great. I use almond milk in smoothies as I'm trying to cut down on dairy to help my skin, and it adds quite a nice nuttiness to hot chocolate.

  3. I am absolutely mad for almonds, like seriously mad, so I am going to try out all of these for sure.
    Thanks Sophie.

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done

  4. Not that keen on almonds unless they're in chocolate but I like the sound of the garlic ones!! X

  5. I've tried cinnamon almonds before and loved them - looking forward to trying some of these!

  6. Maple cinnamon almonds sound incredible! Definitely one to try!!

  7. You are so healthy! Personally I cannot stand nuts esp almonds and peanuts...I have this real aversion to them so much so that even looking at them makes me feel a bit queasy which is strange for me as I have a strong stomach and not much 'foodwise' makes me feel sick! I hate the smell of them too....eugh I can smell them now...yuck! ha hax

  8. Oh and I meant to say thanks for your kind words on my blog. I am ok thankyou I have an appointment as an outpatient on Friday. Hope you are well :) x


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