Bluebells at Wayland wood

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

walking through bluebellsdress in the woodsancient

There is something magical about a carpet of bluebells in woodland; the colour is so pretty and brings such a smile to my face. Somehow I've always managed to miss the brief bluebells of spring before but this year I wanted to make the most of these beautiful wild flowers.

leather jacket in the forestbluebells in the woodsbluebells in the woodsWayland woods

fallen tree with bluebells

Wayland Wood is a patch of ancient woodland just outside the small town of Watton, I've wandered round the woods a couple of times before. When I visited on Saturday the light was low, the breeze light and the ground firm. We hardly saw another soul about which made for a very peaceful hour, with just the wildlife for company.

kneeling in bluebellscarpet of bluebellswoodland wildflowersSpring minidress

Dress and jacket – ebay, boots – Yull, necklace – George at Asda, bangles – gifts

haze of bluebellswoodland spring blossomSophie in the Sticks

Being haircut day, I was given the traditional hair straightening which although is neat enough I feel really isn't my style any more. Give me some casual waves in my barnet any day please!

woodland spring wildflowersBluebells at Wayland woodwhite bluebell flower


No flowers were harmed, I was super careful not to damage any.

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  1. These are such gorgeous photos Sophie, my favourite of you ever xx

  2. Wow they're so beautiful! Really lovely post, I don't think I've seen bluebells for years! x

  3. The hair straightening thing! My hair is super straight and yet hairdressers would automatically get the straighteners out. They seem to have stopped now which is nice.
    These photos are gorgeous by the way. What a lovely location.

  4. Awww...I can't get over how beautiful your pictures are! So amazing and kind of magical. I love spring. You look lovely as well, very nice dress.

    Dash xx
    Mode Lily

  5. Absolutely beautiful!!!! Oh the glorious bluebells! I'm hoping to go and see those in out local woods this week x

  6. You absolute starlet. I love this set of photographs so much - Chris did good :)
    Please let me know what brand the dress is! I love nothing more than wildflowers - boho suits you so. xxx

  7. Simply stunning (both you and the bluebells). How lovely to have the woods to yourselves, nothing quite as peaceful as nature. I'm going to go on a bluebell hunt this weekend :)
    Waves are definitely more you, my hairdresser always makes my hair bouffant and I scurry home to brush it all out!

  8. I used to straighten my hair every day before I left the house and then one day I just didn't. I don't think there was any reason for it, but hey ho. I prefer it wavy these days, which is a good thing because to be honest, there's no taming it these days!
    Love these bluebell photos - very good indeed!

  9. Agh! Those woods look so pretty! I wish the woods near me looked like this!!

  10. Beautiful photos hun, you look amazing.

    X x

  11. Love this blog. Is Wayland wood near Watton? I lived 10 minutes away from Watton for 28 years and never went there!

  12. These photos are gorgeous - the blue just pops out the screen! It looks so peaceful I can just imagine a few birds chirping & the rustling of leaves breaking the silence - love the dress too!
    Bee Happy and Healthy

  13. Wow these photos are gorgeous! There is something so enchanting about Bluebells in the woods. Every year I plan to go see a bluebell carpet but I never do! The rain has started again now, if it ever stops I may go find some. x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life

  14. Beautiful photos the flowers look so clear its like you can smell them.


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