How Easter shaped up

Monday, April 21, 2014

toasted hot cross bun

I'll be honest, Easter to me is a rare luxury of 4 days off on the trot but little more. As I neither worship God nor chocolate there is just a treasured four day weekend with Chris and Lincoln to look forward to.

The weather has been a bit of a mixed bag but I mustn't really complain, hardly any rain and a few hours of sunshine with mild temperature although more of a breeze than preferable. We've not been overly busy yet at the same time I've found myself with plenty to share with you (coming soon, if I can ever get round to preparing posts!).

It's been a greedy weekend of course; a reckless purchase of two four-packs of hot cross buns was just asking for trouble, especially as Chris wont even eat them. Toasted is best in my opinion, with plenty of butter (ok, light spread shhhh).

Lazy; snuggles with my little possum Lincoln.

cuddles with dog

Munchy; steak sarnie, beef hash and funky bacon beans plus roast lamb. Snacks galore, don't even ask!

steak sarniebeef hash and beans

Lengthy dog walks for Lincoln (and me in the sun)

Selfie int he countrysideJpeg

Pub dinner and a few drinks although it was extremely quiet on Thursday considering most people would surely have the Friday off. Some drunk woman stopped me to compliment my dress but later appeared to be taking the mick, c'est la vie. I had a lollypop to keep me happy after the most succulent burger I've ever eaten. Mmmm.



Cooked breakfasts – food fit for a queen

cooked breakfastpeanut flavour malteasers

Best discovery ever goes to a Poundland purchase of these peanut butter flavour malteasers. Chris was so miffed I ate most of these, I'm just hoping I can stock up again.

Things have been getting rather exciting lately, topping 300 Bloglovin' followers and 10k comments on the blog (woah!). I have quite a few posts coming up that I'm feeling really good about including a super – exciting giveaway coming this week that you will not want to miss FOR SURE! Thank you to all the old faithfuls that have stuck around for years – ever supportive (you know who you are) and any newbies who have recently found me. I really can't express how grateful I am that you've dropped by.

Ok, so I did eat two little bars of chocolate. Shhh.


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