Weekend breakfast: bacon

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

grilled bacon

There is something joyous about taking extra time to make a special breakfast at the weekend, isn't there? One of my early blog posts was about my beloved egg bap (it still amuses me that I get the occasional hit from searches like “what is an egg bap”).

In a somewhat out of character moment I decided that I wanted some bacon as part of my morning feast so we picked up some smoked-at-the-butchers back bacon which surely has to be one of the best things to satisfy a rumbly tummy as well as stink the kitchen out for a few hours.

grilling baconchargrilled bacon

We decided to try out our brand spanking new Tefal Optigrill which is the latest addition to our collection of kitchen gadgetry. Naturally, Chris is the type to plug it in and press all the buttons and I'm the one who looks at the straightforward quick start guide to figure out how to work it. I rather like the idea of just using the Optigrill instead of our slow to heat up oven grill. The top and bottom plates cook the food from both sides and here's the genius bit – the light tells you how well done it is; all you have to do is select the right option. It has a has a thickness sensor which basically does all the hard work figuring out how long you need to cook your meat (or fish) for, nifty, eh? It's even easy to clean as the grill plates can be whipped off and popped in the dishwasher.

Tefal OptigrillSONY DSCTefal Optigrill

bacon sarnie

Chris went wild with a bacon sarnie using homemade bread, I opted for bacon, scrambled eggs and beans. In fact mine was so easy and scrummy that I think getting up a few minutes earlier during the week to make it would be a good shout.

eggs bacon and beans

What's your favourite breakfast to cook up?


Thanks to Tefal for sending me the rather awesome Optigrill, I'm looking forward to putting it through it's paces in the coming weeks.

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