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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

laughing on a bench

what to wear in a forestcountry casual

I do love to wear a variety of styles and being a country girl at heart I have to say that the heritage look is one of my favourites. These River Island superskinny fit trousers remind me in no small manner of jodhpurs so naturally I couldn't resist wearing them with my riding boots, perfect for a wander in some local woodland (I took so many pictures that I have been putting off editing them but hope to soon, as the flora was so pretty). This thick cotton shirt is an absolute delight, being both cute and practical, yet has only made it on to the blog twice before; once with my favourite bright tartan skirt and then again with my treasured Jaeger jacket. I'm sure it was only £1 from the Crack-on Foundation (which is an interesting name), the quality is really good.

feet up on a benchheritage look

Apologies for photo overload but I was really pleased with how this set turned out; I actually look happy in quite a few. One of the things that over three years of taking pictures of myself has taught me is that I have such little awareness about my face. I think “I'm all smiley today” but on reviewing the pictures I seem to be expressing no joy at all. So I try a full out grin, to show just how happy I'm feeling. looks at pictures to find I have the merest hint of a smile. Heaven forbid I forget to smile, talk about face like a slapped arse, I look soooo miserable. Note to self: don't even bother to take pictures if I actually feel miserable, the camera wont be able to deal with that.

At least grin lines will be the least of my ageing woes...

girl on bench in bluebellshappy in the forest

Trousers – River Island, shirt, necklace, ring and boots – charity shops, bracelets – gift, sunglasses – forgotten

Have I ever shown you a close-up of my owl thumb ring? Another charity shop find. I like to wear it often as it's the only large one I own and quite unusual even if the eyes are a little weird.

owl design thumb ringgreen tartan trousersbench in bluebell wood

Thanks to Chris for his patience taking these pictures, he did good! I helped out at the allotment in return. Both happy.


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  1. These photos are awesome - I love the bench ones! I think you've inspired me - I might go for a wander in the woods today.

  2. I was just scrolling through and thinking "Man I wish I could be as natural in front of the camera as Sophie is" and then read the paragraph about you getting stressed about whether you're smiling or not! Proof that we are our own worst critics. Next time someone takes my photograph I'm going to channel my inner Sophie rather than my inner super awkward person.

  3. Don't let my boyfriend read this! He'll start thinking I have to do things in return for taking outfit pictures :o

    Chloe x

  4. Yay for the new allotment, and I have to say your photos are looking great lately.
    I'd never given much thought to mine, but having received some horrid comments about how "dead behind the eyes" I look in all of my photos, I'm trying to hard to be a little more relaxed, which is tricky as I hate what I see in photos of myself :(

  5. I love love LOVE this set of photos, you have such a beautiful smile! I always think I look fairly relaxed in photos but apparently I look all rigid :(

    Maria xxx

  6. this is such a gorgeous set of photos xx

  7. I really love the close ups! I've always thought that it's a shame you don't do more as you are so preeeetty!!! The outfit looks super- comfy and fun, always a winner!x

  8. that is a very snazzy outfit and i love that ring!

  9. Lovely photos- the bluebells are such a pretty background, and those trousers look ace on you! xxx

  10. Such beautiful images and I think your a natural in front of the camera.


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