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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

hawcarefree at the beachboho beach lookboho sunset girlaiiEver had the most magical evening midweek when you get the most phenomenal sunset where the rich orange glow saturates everything it touches? That's what happened last week. We returned to Wells-Next-The-Sea on a balmy Wednesday (I know, deja-vu) but I wont apologise as I took some different pictures which I absolutely love and I'll be sharing those with you soon too.

boho summer sunsetfloral crown at sunsetSONY DSC

My red printed denim shorts are a firm old favourite, it's not often I find something that fits so well and makes me really smile. Another random find probably from ebay a few years ago. Worn with my treasured Joules blouse which is still available in a mini polka dot colour way on sale which I thought looked pretty good flapping freely over my black vest top (The Norfolk Boutique).

Who remembers what life was like before I found these ankle boots (I know, but seriously they are perfect for every occasion). My floral crown did receive some odd looks as I walked along the quay upon arrival, not sure they were ready for such a sight. Chris insinuates that I plummeted headfirst into a hedgerow, which paints an amusing picture in my head.


Photograph overload a little bit but I was fascinated how these turned out (I haven't edited the light or put a filter on) and note how I definitely look happy in at least a couple. Body confidence is something I've had cause to think about recently; Belle du Brighton wrote an excellent piece just the other day which reminded me again. I used to be particularly aware of what I looked like, kind of anxious and awkward, thinking I looked plain/ugly/just a bit rubbish. It was very tiring and pretty draining really always second guessing about what other people thought, though I imagine it's how many girls feel about themselves growing up. Lately, I've come to the conclusion that the 'people' I thought were judging me are women, all women. Chris doesn't even notice if my hair is a bird's nest, my cardigan is buttoned up wrong or one turn up is completely different to the other, many other guys (but not all) fall into the same boat as this. My brother asked me where my glasses were recently, I haven't worn glasses full time for about three years...

Sophie in the sticks

It's hard to pinpoint when I stopped caring, but I'd have a stab at around May 2013 when I wore this pussybow dress

nothing specifically triggered it, maybe something just snapped inside me and I couldn't be doing with it dragging me down any longer. Conversely, I feel like since I stopped caring what I look like, I look better, my style is freer and more relaxed.

The term 'body confidence' is one which irritates me too somewhat, in my mind it stands akin to arrogance so personally I wouldn't call myself body confident, just carefree and looking after myself. Eat clean, exercise sensibly, dress to please yourself. That's got to be the winning formula.


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  1. *gives round of applause* so true, so true!
    Men really don't notice much do they? I said to Andy the other day that I needed my haircut as the ends were dry, he said 'you want your hair to look wet?'. Fool.
    I often feel like I've let myself down if I don't make an effort but that's just because I feel better and more at ease when I'm happy with the way I look. And being happy with they way I look is about dressing for myself, wearing clothes that I love, not clothes to 'fit in'. I think it's a journey most women take. Glad you've found your happy place :)

  2. Body confidence is such a difficult topic because so many women have it in different ways. I lust over your legs because I'm paranoid that my legs are chunky and man-like. I've thought like this for years after a teacher said my legs were really muscly. Now I only ever wear long dresses and pencil skirts. Plus people comment if I now wear things higher than calf length!

    Keep going with the flower crowns by the way. They are gorgeous!

    Katie <3

  3. The light is so lovely in these pictures, they are so pretty.
    I still struggle with body confidence, but luckily I don't let it rule what I wear or stop me from doing things.

    Gems x

  4. Those kinds of sunsets are the best <3 xx

  5. There is a name for this time of day, but can I remember it? Nope. Something like the Golden hour maybe? But it is a truly beautiful time of day and that shows in your pictures! Thank you for the link, i'm glad my post made you think a bit about it. You are definitely right when you say your style is more free these days, you look happier too I think.

  6. Sophie, this post is lovely to read. First of all you look so happy and healthy in all your photos, secondly the flower crown is just brilliant and thirdly, this is such a positive message to send out to everyone and it's something which I have been trying to achieve myself recently too, so I found this very inspiring to read. Thank you - Tasha xxx

  7. You look beautiful here, so glad that you are happy! Recently I have been a lot happier with myself which I am so pleased about!

    Maria xxx


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