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Monday, July 07, 2014

investment in basicsSwitcher vest top

Although I rarely venture on to the high street for bulk buying of wardrobe fodder I do still fall into the trap of stocking up on cheap basics from the usual haunts. Vest tops are usually cheap as chips and unsurprisingly tend to last as long as chips too.

When I attended the launch of The Norfolk Boutique earlier in the year I took the opportunity to invest in a much higher quality Switcher vest top, which is made from gorgeously soft cotton. To be fair I've not worn it much yet (else you would have seen it before) but it looks and feels exactly the same after a few washes. This is the start of making more considered choices with basics, I want to feel comfortable in everything I own so a cull is called for of all the aged vest and long sleeved tops that have seen far better days.

I should point out to anyone fairly new round here that the vast majority of my wardrobe is filled with second hand buys from charity shops and ebay, mostly newish pieces and a few good vintage items.

polka dot shir

Vest top – Switcher from The Norfolk Boutique, blouse, jeans and necklace – charity shops, boots – yard sale, belt - QD

Five years ago I would have been the very last person to shop at an independent boutique as I didn't really buy all that much to start with and the idea of spending any more than the bare minimum would have filled me with horror. These days I am all about trying to shop local, buying quality over quantity (it's a work in progress ok) and enjoying the good things in life. Would I rather have four roughed up, shrunken vest tops or a single lovely soft one? It's a no-brainer surely.

If you're looking for a piece that you want to be sure you wont see another woman out on the street wearing then head to a local independent boutique. They will have a range of fabulous exciting pieces, a beautiful store and first class customer service. Why? Because they CARE. It's their livelihood and they have a vested interest in making it a success. This is why the high street can only ever crawl in behind that.

Have you shopped in a local boutique before?


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  1. I really don't think you can beat a local boutique for exactly all the reasons you've listed! Got it spot on!

  2. I support local businesses where I can although we don't have a lot to choose from. I also try to support our local vintage shops of which there are more and more, although I take issue with the one who tries to mark last year's New Look pieces up as vintage and charge over the odds!

  3. I can't think of a single boutique shop in Ipswich - maybe I need to investigate further. I agree one good one is better than a number of cheap ones. I've lost count of the amount of t shirts I've thrown away due to shrinkage and warped seams...

  4. I love this outfit, it is something so simple and chic.
    Independent boutiques are great, but the wallet does not always stretch that far, I wish they did!

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done

  5. Your hair is looking amazing right now xx

  6. i definitely try to shop local when i can!



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