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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Multipower sports nutrition

You know how much I love finding new healthy snacks to keep me happy, so imagine my delight when I discovered sports nutrition pros Multipower who have over 30 years experience in manufacturing and selling sports food. They kindly offered to send me some samples to review and I was so excited to receive such a fabulous array of things to get stuck into!

Energy gels are something which do get me all over excited as they are so workout-specific. We've got a couple in the cupboard already but I'd been a bit too nervous to try them, fearing I might down it and go into some kind of frenzy. In the interest of road-testing the Multipower multicarbo gel I went ahead an had a sachet before a workout. The flavour I had was Cola which tasted pretty good (I can only see cherry-banana available, sorry!) with the consistency as expected; jelly like. The gel is a 'during' intensive exercise supplement to give that extra boost of energy. I really like the idea of this, it's really convenient in that it's a small sachet and only takes a moment to down, plus doesn't leave you feeling full. At 91p each these are excellent value for money, I'd be happy to recommend these as the best gels I've come across.

The Re-Charge Drink  in orange flavour is proving to be my beverage of preference after workouts; it's fast acting muscle recovery formula makes it a great choice. I normally favour weak-flavour drinks so did fear that this one may be a bit much but it is a pleasant orange flavour and using the bottle is easy to measure the ratio without using a measuring jug. At £12.99 per jar (14 servings) it's not overpriced. I can't help thinking that it contains way more than 14 servings though.

Multipower alternative to chocolate bars

Amongst the twelve different varieties of bars they sell are the Natures Power and Fruit Power which are both designed for before or during exercise. The Natures Power bars are a healthy alternative to a chocolate bar; they are packed full of natural ingredients, low in fat and high carbs to give a fast but sustained burst of energy. There are three flavours with my joint favourites being 'salty cocoa'  which although should have been too dark for my liking was rather scrummy as well as the 'cranberry and strawberry'  which was fresh and tangy in contrast but definitely moreish. The 'honey and seeds' was less enjoyable for me as it was far plainer but I'd happily eat it were the other flavours not available. The Nature's Power bars work out at a whisker over £1 per bar, which I think represents good value for a 40g bar.

The Fruit Power bars are also low fat, high carb bars with a really high fruit content great for giving you energy fast and tasting fresh and fruity to boot. The tropical  bar was super-duper delicious, I would definitely agree that the bar delivered it's premise and the original was a fulfilling eat, again delivering on taste. The Fruit Power bars work out at £1.09 per 40g bar which I would say is a fair price considering the ingredients.

I really like the sound of the 50% protein bars in cookies and cream  and the multicarbo fruit bars too, something new to try! All the gels and bars I have mentioned come in packs of 24.

Have you sampled anything from Multipower yet? They get a big thumbs up from me!


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