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Tuesday, July 08, 2014


My fitness posts have been a once-in-a-blue-moon affair the last few months; I suppose that's because I just haven't got many pictures of fitness related things and posts usually start with photographs then assemble from there upwards.   You know I like working out. In the last two and a half years I have become a bit of a fitness junkie; now counting running as a hobby along with regular boot camp classes (which are the absolute best thing ever – you have to get along to your nearest).  I have various long term goals I guess although they are pretty vague. My main motivation is that I want to hit my thirties in fighting fit shape (due to turn 30 next year, vom) and not slink in feeling unfit as well as old. As I live out in the sticks joining a gym has been not-so-practical and I've not pursued it although have recently been toying with the idea of getting a personal trainer.  I get that not everyone is interested in fitness. I get that not everyone appreciates a toned physique (although it's something I long for). I get that it's not for everyone. What I don't get is that some people feel the need to criticise people who DO want to get and look fit. Someone close to me, who shall remain unnamed because I'm not quite as brutal, was very rude to me about my chosen fitness pursuits. Not knowing I've already been going to boot camp for 2+ years told me “you don't want to do that, you'll get ugly. It will put strain on your face” I was pretty livid, I have to say. I retorted with “I've been going two years, so do I look ugly?!” which received no response. We have a brief dialog which I somehow refrained from using blasphemy but I left this person in no doubt of what I thought of their attitude. Actually I'm still fuming, weeks later. It's ok though I guess, I used my aggression to fuel workouts.


A long time ago in my early teenage years I heard a wonderful quote from a wrestler named Chyna. I was really keen on watching WCW on the telly every Friday evening. If you don't have a clue who I'm talking about be careful with your search, turns out that wasn't the only job she had... Anyway, in some interview she did I heard her say in response to a question about her body that she had been 'crafting it' for her whole life. That term really stuck with me. Crafting.

I wanted to be strong and sexy. The boobs the size of beach balls were never on the agenda, but I did aspire to be fit and self-empowered. The message about working with what you've got is for a whole separate post I suppose but I just kind of assumed I would stay slender and get strong by doing nothing new. Fair enough I did stay slim until my late teens then very gradually, so as it went completely unnoticed, I started putting on weight until one day I was shocked to find the scales telling me I was a stone heavier than I expected. By that point I had started to feel a bit uncomfortable in my clothes and it was either a case of buying a size up in jeans or doing something about it.


Bootcamp has pretty much saved me from carrying on down the same path and letting me lapse into gluttony and inactivity. I firmly believe I would be at least two sizes bigger than I am, with far less to smile about had I not got stuck in.

I took these pictures as part of my record of how my body is changing but I kind of like them in black & white even though I do have a face of thunder (this is what happens when I forget to smile, boo). My abs are getting there although I wish they always looked like this instead of before I've even, on non-bloated days. There is a distinct nip in at my waist now which is really encouraging . My arms are probably the second most noticeable change over the two years and although they are still like little matchsticks there are more apparent biceps and a more toned shoulder line. My legs have always been kind to me; even when I was less active they looked quite toned so I've just been working on them gently to add to the toning.

If you need me I'll just be busy, crafting away.


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