Born too late to a world that doesn’t care

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


It's a curious revelation but just lately I've started to wonder if I was meant to be born in another time. If I had been born in 1950 then I'd have been a teenager in the sixties and spent my twenties in the seventies, what a strange thought. The last year or so I have noticed my tastes veering to more bohemian styles; floaty skirts, drapey sleeves, prints. The flowers in my hair are fast becoming a permanent fixture, it's summer and I'm feeling carefree so it must be acceptable.


I was born too late to a world that doesn't care, oh I wish I was a [punk rocker] with flowers in my hair

Sandi Thom


Do you happen to recognise this dress by any chance? It was sent to me last week by my brilliant blogger buddy Hazel  as part of her continuing wardrobe control. How I respect that, pretty much nothing escapes my possession, I only seem to accumulate these days... Anyway, she sent two dresses which she thought I might like (I wore them both at the weekend, it was irresistible!) and like I very much did. Funny, isn't it, how someone else choosing something for you can be so spot on. I would never have bought either dresses, thinking they weren't 'me'. This one I would have dismissed as being as not being my kind of print and I'm not a fan of half arm sleeves, plus the dipped neckline isn't something I'm generally comfortable with.

I tried it on and didn't want to take it off. The weather was kind of cool for a summer's day so my brown boots seemed a good choice to wear which coincidentally were bought when Hazel and I cleared all the good charity shop finds out of Bury St Edmunds that time...


I just need to get my hair to grow an extra foot long or get some serious hair extensions.

Peace out


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