Orange is the new black

Friday, July 11, 2014


It's not often I wear orange but when I spied this old Debenhams dress for a single British Pound Sterling in a charity shop I knew it was meant to be. The absolute simplicity of the shape is particularly appealing to me, especially considering the rest of my wardrobe which is full of a whole mix of everything. Sometimes something really straightforward just feels right. A-line is A-OK.

Sophie in the SticksJohnny Loves Rosie English Countryside glarland floral crown

What's that on my bonce? Another floral crown, that's what. It's not even the first time I've worn it, just the outing on the blog here. It's a sweet one from Johnny Loves Rosie “English countryside floral garland crown headband”  who make some gorgeous ones indeed (might have bought another, shhh). The ones that are a proper circle are my thing, not so fond of the bouquets on the Alice bands.


The white polka dots of the dress told me they wanted to be paired with those jolly uncomfortable which faux litas that I shouldn't have bothered buying (eyelets are trying to fall out). What better choice of footwear for climbing on logs in the forest? Naturally I wore some more practical ankle boots for our walk around Sandringham Country Park  and had a swift shoe change for a couple of minutes.

Arm party as standard. Vintage belt to match heels.


This is pretty much what I want to wear all.summer.long.


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