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Monday, July 14, 2014

Norfolk veg box

A box of fresh, locally grown vegetables delivered to your door is an absolute joy it has to be said and that's exactly what Norfolk Veg Box do. Now this is a service I can really get my teeth into!

When I arrived home to this marvellous parcel a little while ago it made for a lovely surprise, not only because I had slightly forgotten it was coming but also as I saw what items were included. This is a small seasonal veg box, recommended for households of 1-2 people. The seasonal veg boxes contain only locally grown produce, which are of course healthy, last longer and represent great value.

mushrooms on a chopping board

pan fried mushroomstoasted bruschetta

So what did I make with mine? First up I wanted to make something scrummy for Chris with the fungi so I rustled up some pan-fried mushroom bruschetta . It was really simple, just peel and chop the mushrooms, pop into a pan with some garlic oil and fry gently. Slice a good bread roll, brush with a little garlic oil then place in a hot pan. Assemble simply. Personally, I would add herbs to the mushrooms while cooking but Chris declined, hence why they are plain.

mushroom bruschetta

The new potatoes were a delight it has to be said. One meal I made with them, along with the carrots, cauliflower and (amazing) asparagus was pan fried mackerel with ginger, chilli and lime. Quite scrummy.

I was sorely tempted to make potato salad but that will have to wait for another time now.

new potatoesfresh vegetablespan fried mackerel with steamed vegetables

I used the onions in a batch of ratatouille (for which I also used red pepper, courgette, tomatoes, garlic and curiously; celery). I like my ratatouille with a kick and more on the gooey side. Perhaps in contrast to convention I bubbled mine with a good dash of red wine vinegar and some vegetable stock. The ratatouille was served with grilled fajita spiced chicken and crispy potato wedges. De-licious.

ingredients for ratatouilleJpeg

Covering a wide area which reaches most of the county, Norfolk Veg Box offer a plethora of fresh vegetables, fruit and specifically salad which can either be bought as a standard box or customised to include exactly what you want. Orders can be placed online or over the phone with last orders by 9pm two days before your area's delivery date with payment either by BACS or cash on delivery.

If we didn't have the allotment I would sign up for a weekly box for sure. Thanks to Norfolk Veg Box for sending me this box to review which made me so happy <3


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