What we saw on our walks

Thursday, July 24, 2014

thistles at sunsetripe wheat croppurple sunset

In the interest of squeezing every last drop of enjoyment out of summer we've delighted in taking lots of walks out in the countryside both with and without little Lincoln. Unfortunately, the hot humid weather doesn't agree with him (and every other dog, ever) so he can't come out for walkies with us as often as he might like. Nevertheless, we've got out and about with great frequency and already have seen some beautiful sunsets along with plenty of wildlife we'd not had the luck to spot before.

weeds at sunsetcrows in stubble field

As is the way, you tend to see all the exciting things when you've decided in your wisdom that it's too dingy for taking photographs so have to make do with making memories only.

You all know how much love I have for the fields of crops, sunsets, wildflowers and anything generally along those lines. 

cute baby hedgehog

This very small hedgehog, which in my expert opinion is probably a baby was being coo-ed over by a little girl and her father who had stopped their car on the country lane and got out to take a closer look. It was very sweet.

crows in stubble fieldripening wheat cropcat

I'll let the cat enthusiasts amongst you tell me just what kind this one is. 

Have a fabulous time on this hot, sunny day. Make the most of it <3


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