Allotment update

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

allotment update

It's been months since I last gave an allotment update. If you remember (and I barely do), this was our first complete season there after taking on the plot mid spring last year. After quite a bit of hard work getting the ground readied by hours of digging, plus removing a mere drop in the ocean of all the stones back in spring we had our first harvest mid June . I've lurked well way from the plot since then, barring a few early morning lettuce snatches in early July; Chris has been happy to harvest bit and bobs when they're ready and to manage the weeds on his own. Until recently that is.

allotment update

We've had a bounty of sweetcorn, strawberries and raspberries, lettuce, courgettes (that look more like marrows), beans, potatoes... with plenty of carrots and onions. This year's casualties were mostly the brassicas which all got struck with something and they're all a write off. The salad leaves went mad after a while.... Beans erupted and weren't harvested soon enough really.

allotment updateallotment update

Sadly all the fruit trees went in a little too late to establish enough to bear fruit this year but next year we'll be in for apples, pears, cherries, plums and greengages which will be something worth waiting for!

allotment updateallotment updateallotment updateallotment update

It's been a learning process so far, learning mostly that it needs more of (my) time. The weeds have taken over lately so it looks a mess but at least we were able to take home some carrots, potatoes and a parsnip for our roast. Plus red and golden raspberries to eat and make jam with – will let you know how that goes. I have also been presented with some pumpkins which is so exciting – pumpkin traybake cake was a triumph last year, I can't wait to make it again.

Home grown produce is the best!


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  1. You've done so well! I lost most of my plants whilst I was away at camp :( It was too hot for them and they were almost all dead when I got back :( which has sort of put me off. Better luck next year, though.

  2. Beautiful pictures - great to see your allotment growing.

  3. I have never before seen golden raspberries, do they taste different?
    I kinda wish I had a allotment, but instead I have a few chili pants and tomato plants and made a totally fresh pasta sauce with them yesterday and it was delicious, so I agree home grown is the best.

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done

  4. I wish we had the time for an allotment. Mind you, my rocket and herbs all died in the garden, raspberries nought, strawberries the slugs ate and the fig tree has done nothing!
    Your crop of raspberries looks super! X


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