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Monday, September 08, 2014

Percy Cute clothingPercy Cute clothingPercy Cute clothing

It's not often I wear a tee as my taste tends to favour blouses and shirts generally but as a long time fan of Percy Cute Clothing by following them on Twitter I've been lusting after several pieces for a good while; I'm such a fan of the cool designs they come up with, really creative and unique.

I was thrilled when they offered to send me one of my favourites; the angels with dirty minds tee which is a delightfully fun design for me to style up. How often do I wear something my Nan would scold me for wearing? (not often enough I've decided).

Percy Cute clothingSophie in the sticks

In something of a dark mood first thing that morning I decided to paint my nails black and do my eyes a bit bolder, what do you think? Personally, I'm thinking this is my thing for winter, then maybe a coloured liner for added variety, like a green to go with my eyes or a blue just for the hell of it? Purple lips are a new thing to me this year, Chris calls them hypothermic but they definitely work for me.

Percy Cute clothingPercy Cute clothingPercy Cute clothing

The outfit is dead simple; standard ankle boots, New Look pretty scalloped denim shorts*, Percy Cute tee*, floral crown, Aluna J bag and stacks of jewellery. I have a couple of alternative outfit ideas in my head which are also rather fun; there are so many ways to wear a tee and one as cool as this deserves to be worn. Loving the idea of a pencil skirt and blazer with just a wing of the angel showing (office appropriate so long as you keep the blazer buttoned, how amusing).

Do you wear tees? Favourite way to wear yours?


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  1. Love the detail on your shorts, very pretty! That t-shirt would look great ticked into a midi skirt too. I wear mainly dresses but I do have a few t-shirts with fun prints on. I normally go for a band t-shirt or something geeky and Dr Who related x

  2. I have to echo Gem's comments...I go for either basic b&w or a band or geeky tee (dr. who is a fav!) paired with a cute statement jacket.

    Meghan xo

  3. Such a pretty bag. I don't wear a lot of tees and I often struggle with how to wear them.

  4. this tee is crying out to be worn with a tartan midi skirt - and you have no shortage of those!
    I tend to pair tees with jeans and converse, sometimes khaki shorts, but they haven't seen the light of day this summer, thanks to maxi dresses. If a jacket is required then I go for my tweed one, I like the contrast.
    Loving the dark eyes - purple liner is good for blue eyes, I'm thinking of getting an aubergine colour for Autumn.

  5. Yes, yes,do the coloured eye-liner- I have the most awesome blue which I've had for 20 years (stage makeup) and I love wearing it!
    The tee is really cute- I like it, you could wear it lots of ways as you suggested, I like Hazel's idea! x

  6. I love your hair like this Sophie! x

  7. I love those shorts Sophie and your hair looks lovely x


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