Monochrome lace skater

Monday, September 15, 2014

monochrome lace skater dress lookmonochrome lace skater dress lookmonochrome lace skater dress lookmonochrome lace skater dress look

I mentioned before about having such a backlog of things to share with you; it's an ever growing list of days out, finds, outfits and an accumulation of thoughts and musings. Instead of bringing you all the summer posts first, which I had intended to do, it's proving too tempting to run with what's fresh and ready to go. Having these outfit pictures edited and a shortage of time means I'm showing these to you ahead of time, oh well!

If you know my style and preferences you'll probably be surprised to see me in an off-white lace skater dress; it's pretty much everything I've shunned before. However, I'm feeling better about my middle at the minute so fitted bodices are creeping their way into my wardrobe. Something has struck a chord in my brain with monochrome and I'm sure that this will be a look I am wearing a-plenty this autumn/winter. My trusty leather jacket is in for some serious use with my (new) array of black boots – this pair are a rip-off of the beautiful River Island pair I bought that were far too-small-yet-I-still-can't-get-rid-of and are sadly not a comfortable design but at least the medium size heel makes me easy wearing, even if my soles burn after a few hours.

No time to chat, must dash!


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  1. Love this look, the boots are gorgeous! xx

  2. You look lovely here, I can;t resist lacy skater dresses!

    Maria xxx

  3. Those boots are amazing. I'm always so jealous of other people's shoes because I don't have that many pairs myself. Love the skater dress too, it is my fave style of dress and looks beautiful on you!

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done

  4. gorgeous, this is definitely something I would wear. Love a skater dress/biker jacket combo xx

  5. It's very nice on you! I have one like this and like you, it wasn't something I would have worn (I think white/cream lace and think of net curtains) but I bought it last minute in Primark for a night out on my way home from a rehearsal in a panic and I actually ended up quite liking it. Hmmmmm, where is it????


  6. Love this look, great way to make the biker chick look more girly!

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches

  7. I adore cream lace dresses, well to be honest I just love cream dresses! You look lovely x


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