The polka dot vintage midi

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

green polka dot vintage midi dressgreen polka dot vintage midi dressgreen polka dot vintage midi dress

In a swift departure from yesterday's style I bring you one one of my latest bargain finds which I'm so in love with. This vintage dress was waiting to be rescued from a local charity shop labelled up at somewhere between £1-3 (my memory fails me), but you can see why I've had a couple of large chazza hauls lately – how can I say no with prices from £1 for things I can't resist?

On this occasion I arrived home to try on everything (I never try on behind weirdy curtains) and loved the fit but discovered a small stain that although wasn't that obvious, was a deal breaker. Being loathed to take it back (and dreading seeing someone else walking around in it) we tried soaking it in stain remover which worked and it's pristine again, hurrah! It's good stuff that Vanish Gold.

Not sponsored to say that – I'm just well chuffed!

green polka dot vintage midi dressgreen polka dot vintage midi dressgreen polka dot vintage midi dress

The dress is delightfully modest: capped sleeves, high neckline, midi length, loose fit with a nipped in at the waist with a matching belt. The white polka dots make it perfect for wearing with my white faux Litas which although perhaps have been long forgotten by the fashion world are still a style I'll reach for time and time again. A stinking great heeled boot is always a winner for me.

I'm thinking wedged trainers next time?

Much more of a ladylike outfit today, but who knows what tomorrow brings?


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  1. What an amazing charity ship find. I never find anything that good, such a bummer!
    You look absolutely gorgeous Sophie!

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done

  2. I think this is a fabulous find! Our charity shops never seem to have bargains in them, it's always upwards of £7 for a manky old Primark dress.

  3. It's really lovely! I never find good vintage round here- it's all horrid size 20 lurid 80's stuff! Very pretty colour and fits you well! I really like your litas but BOY are they high!!! How do you do it?!x

  4. I still often think you should've got those lime green litas we saw.
    Great find x


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