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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Sophie in the sticksSophie in the sticks

With so many things I want to say buzzing around my head at the moment there appears to be something of a bottleneck going on; nothing is happening. Tomorrow I'm bringing you an exciting post, but I think that about most things I share, hope that you enjoy the variety of things that come your way.

I've been thinking recently about whether I ought to be taking a little holiday away from blogging. It's a tricky one really because on the one hand it's taking up so much of my time which could be spent relaxing or getting on with other important stuff but on the other hand blogging is the one thing which really motivates me; the more I blog the more driven I am to share more and make my posts better. Fingers crossed you like at least some of the formats I use! Back in the old days I enjoyed taking part in link ups and regular features but my preferences have changed and the thought of going round in those little circles just gives me a headache. It's much nicer to be free.


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