Shhh up, it’s still summer

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Summer not autumn

You lifestyle bloggers all decided to hit me all at once yesterday, didn't you? I should have seen it coming but I've been keeping the blinkers firmly in place to enjoy every last ounce of summertime and haven't let my mind wander. The amount of posts on Bloglovin' I saw along the lines of 'hurrah it's autumn... lets get out the chunky knits, sit by the fire and drink spiced coffee'.

Oh, it rather upset me.

As far as I'm concerned it's officially summer until the equinox and it continues as long as the weather holds up. The idea of autumn starting now is too alarming to comprehend; as long time sufferer of SAD there is nothing I dread more than summer vanishing without a trace. I can do without my frozen extremities, wrecked skin, windswept barnet and runny nose for another month or so if you please. Let's not all get swept away in the weird romance that autumn is somehow a fairytale for everyone.

I still have so many sights to share with you (I've been putting off looking through some of the pictures as there are just so many shots that it'll take forever to whittle it down to a handful.) but they will be appearing soon. Would you be interested to see a summer round up? I think it would be a nice idea.


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