High waisted

Monday, September 29, 2014

high waisted jeans

High waisted jeans and I have never got along famously until recently. These black Oasis jeans were a second hand find from a while ago now; at the time I didn't realise they were cut so high but they seem to be far more flattering than I imagined (plus comfortable to boot) and of course being black are as versatile as they get.

high waisted jeans

The only logical time to wear this sheer leopard print pussybow top is with something high waisted as it's not all that long and one of my major outfit-annoyances is when a top keeps popping out of a waistband. Oh, it's unbelievably frustrating, especially as I feel the cold and a draft around my midriff is enough to upset my delicate balance of comfort. It's also a top which is insanely low cut and makes me want to check all is in place roughly every twenty three seconds (although let's face it, I've not got much to go wrong) but I'm placated by the bow which sits neatly in the way of any potential incidents.

high waisted jeans

Also seen are my Clarks wedges* which are probably going to be hidden away until spring again, the same going for my New Look daisy headband* which is so pretty. Trusty red bag from Aluna J. My absolute beloved lined and faux fur trimmed denim jacket is worn too, the number of times this baby comes into it's own! It's one I love to wear with anything but blue denim (and sometimes as a double denim look if I really despair).

high waisted jeans

Do you get along with a high waistline? I can't be the only one who usually shies away.


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