Vintage dress on the beach

Monday, September 01, 2014

Sophie in the sticks

perfect vintage summer dress for the beach

perfect vintage summer dress for the beach

Ah the perfect summer's dress. I've avoided wearing this one for too long just because I like it so much that I wanted to wear it on the 'right' occasion. There never is the right occasion; the best thing you can do with favourite pieces is wear them often so that you get squeeze the most enjoyment out of them. That lesson only seems to get half learnt before I squirrel away another find which gets gazed at and stroked but never worn. Perhaps from now on I can learn to take my own advice?

perfect vintage summer dress for the beach

perfect vintage summer dress for the beach

This pretty vintage dress is one I bought on eBay a year or so ago for precious little. It's a lovely thick cotton with lace trim and wide satin straps; the length is modest without being frumpy and it's high cut neckline is just how I like it. As with pretty much every outfit I wore a floral crown, this one being the most simple and subtle which is a lovely quality indeed if you ask me. Leather ankle boots as standard. They were my best buy ever at £1 from a garage sale!

There are such a lot of posts that are coming your way soon; a whole variety of outfit posts, days out, some exciting discoveries and of course plenty of food and fitness updates. Stick around!


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  1. Thats exactly what I do now, I wear everything I love in my wadrobe as often as possible. Definitely makes me happier. Lovely pictures as usual!

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done

  2. Yep, I have made that mistake SO many times- my wardrobe is full of such items!!! The dress is indeed pretty. £1 was a bargain!!!!

  3. I LOVE how you styled this dress! Especially those great boots - wonderful job.

    Meghan xo

  4. Wearing what you love is so right! I also guilty of keeping things for the perfect occasion that never a materialises...
    Love this dress, it's inspired me to pop on a dress today. Gotta make the most of this sunshine :)


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