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Wednesday, December 10, 2014


I've been mulling over my goals and aims for 2015 over the past few weeks. Normally, I make resolutions or at least talk about my aims for the year in some sort of post over here but this time it feels more tricky. The main reason why I'm struggling to pin down my thoughts is because next year I turn 30 and frankly it's scaring the shit out of me. In my head this makes it some sort of 'landmark' year which I really dislike and although on one hand I don't want to talk about it, on the other hand I do.

I don't act, dress or profess to be my age, my plan for next year is to start again at 20 – just to warn you. My head says that 2015 is the year to make the fitness improvements that I want to make.... before it's too late (this sounds alarmingly ominous but I have no idea at what age things become unrealistic). It makes sense to me to invest in myself by either devising my own plan of action or (and I prefer) get myself a personal trainer to do the thinking for me and just bollock me when I get lazy an haven't made enough effort.

You can only start to make an action plan when you have objectives set out but one of my main problems is that I can't seem to figure out what I want to achieve. Just 'improving fitness' seems rather too vague, doesn't it? I don't specifically want to be all about running, I do want to feel stronger and I want to sort out my forever bloating middle. What has been an obvious idea is to go teetotal for the year as I'm sure I would feel better for it or at least wouldn't be consuming so many empty calories but in another way it would make me sad to wave goodbye to alcohol for such a long time. At the moment I still don't know.

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