Tartan Dreams

Friday, December 12, 2014

Can you believe it's the first post this season with a tartan skirt? I KNOW! My beloved collection of these awkward length pleated skirts is about to come into it's own with some thermal tights – Bob's your uncle. That day I was undecided on the red or the blue skirt so I asked the opinion of my esteemed consultant (husband) and after the very briefest of dithers he chose blue. Things have moved on; roll back 18 months and he assured me he wouldn't be seen dead with me if I wore these skirts, even he has warmed to them.

Oh my gosh, these biker boots have been a godsend, I love them so much. By far one of my favourite buys of the year and touch wood a pair that will last a good while. There is little worse than finding a pair of treasured boots wears out before your love for them wears thin. The idea of forking out a fortune for an expensive well made pair does scare me but it has to be said that cheaper footwear is made pretty shabbily these days so it's little wonder they don't last.

Have a great weekend

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