Thick shirt rustle

Monday, December 29, 2014

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Once upon a time I had a black and grey Primark dress that I loved dearly, in fact it was one of the first outfits I ever posted on here (before I had a little cull). It was one I loved and wore quite a bit but then the unthinkable happened; it vanished! In reality it either broke and got binned or in a fit of madness I may have donated it back to charity – I never did get to the bottom of it. Fast-forward a couple of years I came across this alternative one from the same mould which in fact is a tad better as it has a more flattering neckline as well as being a lighter colour and these buttons which add a little something.

This shirt was also a recent charity shop buy, I do like a nice thick shirt and this one ticks the 'so thick it rustles' box. Wearing long sleeved shirts in winter means it's a doddle to stay cosy; I'm wearing a thermal vest and a long sleeved top underneath. When it's this cold out it has to be thermal tights all the way, I've found out of Primark and Peacocks that Primark win every time. I stocked up on a few colours when I saw them but it's usually black that I wear, my days of bright tights seem gone, I just don't feel like I want to reach for them anymore.

If you're wondering why I've cut my feet off in all the pictures it's because I slightly misjudged where the camera was pointing and after a few minutes of faffing around outside I decided that I wasn't about to start again and besides, you can see my boot in one of my pictures. Note to self, stand even further back next time, like the other side of the fence.

Wearing most of the jewellery I own, all at once which is my favourite thing to do at the moment, all from random places. My hair seems to be growing at quite a pace at the moment which I'm so happy about, I'm yearning for long hair and finally it looks like it might be a possibility this coming year, hurrah!


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