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Tuesday, December 02, 2014

feet standing in leavesselfie

I've been in something of a photography funk lately, I've missed two outfits in the last couple of weeks which is now really irritating me but as I really liked them no doubt I'll wear them again sometime anyway.

It's undeniably a bit of a hassle to get outfit pictures taken; it's always weekends now there is no light and we have to lug the big camera out and make sure it's kept safe and dry. Then of course we have to stop somewhere nice if we're en route to somewhere boring, make sure I'm looking reasonably tidy (taking pictures on the way out is much more of a success than on the way home) and hope the light is favourable. Naturally, things are much easier if we're just popping out for a lovely walk as the countryside and coastline are always full of delightful spots and generally there are more options with the light too.

That's one of the oddities about 'fashion' blogging, oh how I dislike that word, the bizarre concept of taking pictures of yourself all the time. It would feel distinctly uncomfortable explaining it to anyone who hasn't come across blogging in general (there are some people out there who have not heard of blogs, can you imagine?!) oh well.

I'm hoping to pick up momentum again, there are still plenty of pieces I want to share with you from my overflowing wardrobe that might just get their chance one day.

Speak soon,


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