A countryside dream

Thursday, December 18, 2014

heritage look with blouse and pearls

I have to share this outfit which is what I wore at the weekend. It's only been captured in selfie form because the light was too low outside (boo).

I'm wearing a dream of a country blouse which is so sweet and would be one I would wear every week if it wasn't far too big. It billows in a notably unflattering way which is a crying shame and if one day soon I'm feeling uncharacteristically optimistic I might attempt a cut-and-shut job on it. This fuchsia jumper is delightfully soft and warm, despite the cut-outs to the neckline and upper arms. It has to be layered in a thoughtful way to get the best out of it. Both these items are recent charity shop finds but look like they were made to be worn together; I'll have to make sure I wear them together again. The plastic Primark pearls were precisely the perfect partner to wear plus my ever faithful green tartan scarf.


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