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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

seventies styling fashion shood in forestseventies styling fashion shood in forest

I am thrilled to share these pictures with you from the weekend, they turned out to really represent both the changing of the seasons and my personal frame of mind. The sun was dancing through the canopy of the trees, just breaking through with golden rays before the clouds veiled it away a while longer. The grass is looking a little greener and all around the colours are noticeably getting bolder.

seventies styling fashion shood in forestseventies styling fashion shood in forest

This dress was a purchase on a whim, a £1 charity shop buy if my memory serves me correctly. While navy blue is by no means a colour I particularly favour, the flared lace sleeves and neat unfitted body to the dress grabbed my attention. I love the lace overlay, especially the scalloped hem and how it's such a cute short skirt.

Seventies styling is going to be everywhere this summer, hurrah, and the sixties/seventies details are so 'me' it almost hurts. I love wearing my hair loose in unruly waves, with a little make up but not too much. I love a mix of jangly bangles and a handful of rings. I love my platformed knee boots which make me so much taller than I rightfully ought.

seventies styling fashion shood in forestseventies styling fashion shood in forest

I'm also loving the new flare and flourish collection from Iced Rainbow which is perfect for summer! This retro art daisy charm necklace is brilliantly bright, cheerful and groovy; yellow and orange together are a match made in heaven to my mind.

seventies styling fashion shood in forest

Are you joining me for summer in the seventies?


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  1. Simply stunning! You look so happy and no wonder with Spring coming.
    I can't believe that dress was £1!! It looks fab on you.

    - Danielle xo

  2. Lovely photos! Those boots are so gorgeous, they look really good on you! And I can't believe the dress was so cheap, the other day I bought a coat for 50p at a local jumble sale. I love recycling clothes! x

    Amy | The Perks of Being Amy

  3. Such a pretty background, love the dress too! xo

    Halcyon Velvet

  4. I love this dress, you look gorgeous! x

  5. Such pretty pictures!
    Love that dress too - the colour really suits you.

  6. Gorgeous! I'm so glad winter is over :)


  7. I'm a child of the seventies so it'll always hold a special place in my heart (not that I acttually remember much of it of course!). I love the style, easy floaty tops and denim shorts, sandals and slouchy bags - perfection.
    Fan dress, I think navy looks really good on you x

  8. Looking really good in this outfit!

  9. I love this outfit, you look lovely! I can't pull off 1970s style but I love it on other people!

    Maria xxx


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