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Monday, March 02, 2015

big fluffy jumperbig fluffy jumperbig fluffy jumperbig fluffy jumperbig fluffy jumper

The softest fibres, like a synthetic cuddle, stroke my skin and keep me enveloped in warmth.

I did that thing which I swear I'll never do again (yet always do) which is to buy something without checking it over fully. This jumper is so soft and fluffy it could be spun from a candy floss sheep; I love how it feels against my skin, plus it is so warm to wear. Even though it contravenes my unspoken 'no more dull grey knitwear' rule, I knew I had to have it once I fondled it briefly on the rail. I could kid myself it was more of a pearly silver and pretend that wearing a jumper two sizes too big was cool as opposed to massively unflattering.

Imagine my shock when I got it home and saw what was on the back; BUTTONS!! Good grief. I tried it on to check it sat ok (I loved it) and cue comment 1 of 'have you got it on back to front?'.

Right... like that is it? I get the distinct feeling that I'm going to hear that every. single. time I wear it.


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