First spring fitness update

Friday, March 27, 2015

perfect sportswear for spring
I have been almost bursting at the seams to talk about where I'm at in my fitness journey at the moment! The warmer weather has worked it's magic and I'm now feeling really motivated to get moving, get busy, get planning and make some progress.
First off, running has suddenly become something I'm looking forward to as opposed to being a real drag. We have been out for three outdoor runs now and to be honest they were brilliant. The very first was on a Saturday evening a couple of weeks ago; the evening was looming and while the great, wide sky was pale blue to start with, it morphed through oranges and pinks in front of my very eyes while I breathed in the fresh air and stretched my legs with the luxury of grass underfoot.
It frankly, was magical. The warmth from the sun earlier in that day was amazing, it kept my skin feeling nourished and my spirit feeling alive. The run itself went well, I ran the best time this season by a country mile and I felt grrrrrreat!
perfect sportswear for springperfect sportswear for spring
I've been a lucky girl lately and have got my sticky paws on some new sportswear, hurrah! I always feel more motivated and inspired when I wear new kit, it somehow makes that difference and puts more of a spring in my step. My collection is mostly black with a dose of pink (and I don't even really like pink all that much) so I'm over the moon to wear this green muscle tee over my blue American Apparel sports bra top which is such a cheerful colour combination! I also like a cosy cover up to wear in spring to keep me toasty 'til I warm up so I went for a neutral heather grey shade in this American Apparel fleece cropped sweater which is perfect.
perfect sportswear for spring
If you want to get some great value sportswear to pep you up this spring then Buytshirtsonline have a good choice at great prices too. A big thanks for being sent these items, all opinions my own.
I have so much more to tell you but I've run out of time so it will have to wait for another post.
Take care,

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