Road to nowhere

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


We're in the midst of trying to buy a car at the moment, which in honesty has been brewing for the past two years or so but now it's become more of a pressing matter. Chris' car is on it's last legs and we'd really prefer to have a replacement with us before his finally expires. To me, they are essentially just tin boxes on wheels; for which my criteria extends to good fuel economy, cheap insurance and tax but it's not the same for everyone is it. It seems that nothing out there quite fits the bill as far as Chris is concerned; the performance, styling, colour, time level and spaciousness rules out many and those which meet all of the above soar far above our reasonable budget.

Car shopping is a bit like I imagine therapy to be. Meeting a smartly dressed and 'friendly' face, exchanging small talk, being left to reflect a while, being asked how you feel about thing with irritating regularity.

Please tell me I'm not the only one fed up of shopping for something I don't care about at all?


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