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Friday, March 13, 2015

bedroom makeover with Furniture Choice

Now that it feels like Spring is finally with us I've got the urge to continue the spruce up at home. It always feels like the best time to have a good clear out, deep clean and change around. I recently wrote about a few changes we made to our hall and how home-making has never been something I've focussed on all that much but it's something that is piquing my interest. In the month since we re-arranged it and added the new accessories I've feel a little burst of admiration each time I pass the table. While the vase may be empty more than it holds a bouquet, the table looks clear and bright while the picture is one which makes me smile.

bedroom makeover with Furniture Choice

I'd really like to continue improving different areas of the house and making it feel just as homely an 'ours'. We have a real mix of furniture, most of it being items we were given or bought cheaply on the quick when we moved it. One day it would be brilliant to upgrade to some quality pieces which give the rooms more cohesion, but that's something for the future. Furniture choice got in touch to see whether I'd like to give my bedroom a bit of a makeover on them, which came at the perfect time for our spring clean and reshuffle.

bedroom makeover with Furniture Choice

There are quite a few things about our bedroom that I really love already; our bed is hands down the best piece of furniture we own. It's perfect, even more so with the fairy lights on. I adore our yellow walls, golden curtains and apricot carpet. Yes, I realise they're not white, but there is something so cheerful about sunshine colours. Our white rug was a present from my parents one Christmas and is so soft under bare feet. The giant mirror-doored wardrobe holds a treasure trove of clothes plus allows me to get a good idea of what I look like wearing them.

bedroom makeover with Furniture Choice

This mirror is one from my late grandmother and is quite small and too high for me to see my face in, which was something of on oversight while positioning. You can make out a picture which was a present from my paternal grandparents of a horse out hunting. I didn't use to like it much at all but I now feel much warmer towards it.

bedroom makeover with Furniture Choicebedroom makeover with Furniture Choice

This chest of drawers was a wedding gift, we didn't choose it but yet it fits in well enough, however it's had this stereo sat on it for years without being used. I thought this was the ideal candidate for a bit of attention so I popped my redundant jewellery box in a drawer and chose the following items to decorate the space: a countryside scene in 3d wall art, which is gorgeous! It can either sit on it's own or be hung.

bedroom makeover with Furniture Choicebedroom makeover with Furniture Choice

In keeping with the natural theme, this wooden jewellery tree was an obvious choice, it's so cute (plus almost Twitter themed with the birds, shhh) and I can hang my favourite necklaces off it while keeping it tidy. To add some warmth I filled this Cylinder vase with these Noma frosted golden glass hearts which look rather nice if I do say so myself. I'm not sure I'd ever put real flowers in the bedroom so these white tulips in a vase make for an all year round compromise while staying within the white look of the table. Last but not least this pomegranate and cassis scented candle will most likely remain unlit for a while while I savour the flavour, we'll save it for a rainy day.

bedroom makeover with Furniture Choicebedroom makeover with Furniture Choicebedroom makeover with Furniture Choice

What do you think of my makeover?


Big thanks for Furniture Choice for helping me out!

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